1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Sold by Copperstate Classic Cars



Just woken out of decades of slumber here in southern Arizona.

Dark green metallic exterior color (the best color in my mind on a 1959 Cadillac) with green interior.

Very little rust, mostly a few square inches at the bottom corner on 2 doors. Dry and cracked paint makes the car look much worse than it is. Dry original interior also.

We restored the identical 1959 Fleetwood around 10 years ago, dark green metallic paint, dark green vinyl top, dark green leather interior plus Cadillac wire wheels and wide white wall tires.

We did not even get a chance to drive the Fleetwood before a customer saw it, fell in love with it and bought the car!

Great optioned 1959 Fleetwood, PW, P-seat, P-vent windows, P-door locks, A/C, tinted glass etc.

We just gave her a big engine service, pulled all lifters and cleaned them so no push rods would get bent when starting the car after many years of inactivity.

We replaced some freeze plugs, rebuilt the carburetor, removed the fuel tank, cleaned it and reinstalled it with new fuel hoses, installed a rebuilt water pump and on and on.

The brakes were rebuilt, transmission was serviced with cleaning of the oil pan, new filter and new fluid, new radial tires etc.

Since both front fenders had dents by the headlights we replaced them with rust free fenders.

The Cadillac starts, the engine runs good, it still has not been driven on the streets in many years but it should be time to take her on a few short trips to start with.

The only thing I know that is missing is one piece of trim on the right front fender. There might be another detail or two also missing but in general the car has not been taken apart or messed with! 

Most glass inc the windshield is good.




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