1959 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars



1959 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible. Arizona car. 286 made!


In 1965 a young school girl in Southern Arizona decided she wanted her dad to buy her a car.

She found this 1959 New Yorker convertible in a used car lot. The seller gave her the keys and told her to take the car and show it to her dad.

Said and done and he bought the Chrysler for her.

A little later he took over the Chrysler and today, 50 years later, it is still sitting in his garage (next to a beautiful Maserati Bora).


He was a wealthy lawyer and he paid good money to have his cars taken care of and maintained in top condition.

In 1992-94 the Chrysler was restored. The body has never had any rust but the paint was redone (it is still in excellent condition) and the interior was redone plus a new convertible top installed.

The car is still in excellent condition and it runs and drives very well with no rattles or other problems.


The owner passed away recently and we are helping the estate selling the New Yorker and also 2 1959 Windsor 4dr sedan cars and the Maserati will also be sold.

The New Yorker has; PS, PB, swivel seats, the front seat is 6 way power operated and the P-seat works as it should.

The power top still works great.


Chrysler manufactured only 286 New Yorker convertibles in 1959. I have been in the classic car restoration and sale business for 30 years, specializing in 1957-62 Mopar cars and I have personally not seen a 1959 New Yorker convertible since the early 90’s.   

I doubt there’s another 1959 New Yorker convertible around in this condition (or any condition) that can be bought, period!


The Chrysler belongs to the estate and an appraisal was recently done on the estate and a price will be determined within days and we’ll post it as soon as we have it.        


(SOLD - North Carolina)




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