Copperstate Classic Cars Customer Cars

Here are a few customer cars we have been busy with lately.....


1966 Chevy SWB belonging to Jason McClure of Desert Valley and Desert Car Kings.  We built a custom wood and stainless bed floor, installed new carpet, and did some brake work.



1956 Ford F100.  We did a complete new paint job and a new interior on this beautiful pickup.  We also fixed a custom steering system that was giving the owner some problems.



This monster El Camino came in for AC repair.



We replaced the front and rear windshields in this charming 1958 Dodge.



This 1972 Challenger came in for a new carpet, we installed a few aftermarket goodies while it was in the shop.



We are rebuilding the straight eight engine and re-chroming the bumpers and grille on this 1950 Pontiac Fastback.







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