1952 Ford F2 Stepside Pickup For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars




An elderly friend of ours have owned this Ford truck for 45-50 years by now.

The body is virtually perfect, very sunbaked paint and a mostly untouched old Ford truck.

My friend was never going to sell the truck, he had too many fond memories from years past when his friend Ralph and he drove 1 hour north to Tucson to drink beer and chase girls but he is up there in age and finally let us buy the truck a year ago or two.

We were going to use it as a shop truck for the restoration shop but we are always so busy that we never seem to have time to put it back on the road again.


The Ford got a 272 Y-block engine installed 30-40 years ago and I know he said it is not any good anymore.

I have bought a freshly rebuilt 312 Y-block that can go with the truck at extra cost.


PRICE AS IS: $6500.

With the rebuilt 312 engine, $7900.


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