1958 Edsel Bermuda Wagon For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars




Here's a very rare car, 1958 Edsel Bermuda wagon, one of only 790 nine passengers Bermudas built. Rust free Arizona car.

Interesting history makes the Bermuda even rarer.

In the mid 60s the Edsel was damaged on the left side doors and in 1967 it was taken to a junk yard in Tucson, Arizona. At the time it had just over 25.000 miles on it and it still does.


It never got parted out but instead somebody swapped the doors and then started stripping the car to get it ready for a repaint. 

A friend bought it in that state and he kept it in storage for decades so when we bought it, 54 years after it was stripped for paint it was still not painted.

The body is excellent, straight and rust free, the potmetal chrome is excellent, the bumpers are being rechromed, tripple plated show chrome. Tinted glass all around, roof rack.


The car is being repainted as I write this, an extensive paintjob with all glass removed, all doors, fenders, hood etc taken off the car and painted separate. 

The Edsel was custom ordered in all white, not a color offered on the Bermuda, we added coral so it will be coral and white with a coral and white interior. 


Lots of NOS parts are used, NOS exterior emblems, NOS linoleum for the cargo area, NOS coral vinyl for the interior etc.


Of course we are doing a complete brake overhaul, trans rebuild, rebuilt carburetor, new water pump, new fuel pump, new tires, new exhaust, redone heater control valve, new battery, boiled out fuel tank and on and on.


The car is going through a big, cosmetic and mechanical restoration after being off the road for 55+ years and the sales price depends on in what state it is sold.


If interested, please contact us.