1958 Pontiac Chieftan Safari Wagon For Sale by Copperstate Classic Cars





Rare car, 1958 Pontiac Safari Wagon, California/Arizona car that has been sitting indoors for the last 20-30 years. It was driven around the block a few times within the last 15 years but not on the city streets. 

When the car came from California to Arizona 20+ years ago the VIN tag was not properly attached to the body of the car, one spotweld had come loose so Arizona DMV issued an Arizona assigned VIN and title using that VIN. It is legal and works in all states in the US.   


The car has very little rust, only a few spots in places but the left quarter panel has been hit from behind and will possible have to be replaced.

The seat covers look pretty good, they have been covered while the car has been stored indoors the last few decades.

The door panels are also usable, not like new but not too bad either, the door panel on the left front door is missing the vinyl at the very bottom, below the stainless trim, headliner is hanging and will have to be replaced. 

The tinted windshield is in good condition. 

As far as I can see the car is complete or at least 99% complete, there's a set of Star Chief spinner hubcaps inside the car.


I don't know anything about the mechanical condition but as it was started up and driven under its own power a few times after it was stored away there is no reason there should be any problems getting it up and going again. 


As you can see in my pictures the car is very dusty and dirty after the long storage, that is the way it sits right now, we'll clean it as soon as we are able to do so. 

The car is priced as it sits now.


PRICE: $5500.




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