Custom 1964 Buick Riviera For Sale By Copperstate Classic Cars




100% rust free 1964 Buick Riviera, it has never had any rust anywhere since new!

A local customer asked to make the headlights stationary under the tips of the fenders so to speak and install a 1965 Riviera grill also. So unlike a 1965 Riviera the chrome covers don’t open. It has a clean look, just like the 1965 Riviera.


We had the Riviera 30 years ago, it was beige (terrible color) at that point and 100% original and untouched. The car has never had one speck of rust since new.

Everything on the car has been rebuilt, the front end, brakes, engine (401 Nailhead V8), transmission, new paint, new interior, new dash pad, new tires, new exhaust, some new chrome and the rest is excellent, and on and on.

Of course the carburetor, radiator, water pump, fuel pump and on have been rebuilt or replaced.


We are selling the Buick for $29.500.    


We ship worldwide.


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